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Didactical teaching aids - blackboard drawing instruments - math games

As a family company in second generation for over 40 years and as the leading manufacturer of blackboard drawing instruments, didactical teaching aids and math games we want to support the process of learning of children, young people and adults.

Because of concrete actions and strong relationships to practice the imagination and memory will be trained. Furthermore tasks and solutions will be developed.  

Following our philosophy of our School-working-material and oriented to current curricula our products are unified in relation to size , weight, volume and color design. This makes interdisciplinary learning way more easy.

Most of our products are available in two variants: The bigger one is suitable for demonstration purposes and often magnetic, the smaller one for the pupils themselves. By that we want to support not only kids, but also young people and adults to learn not only abstractly, but also with several senses and their respective strengths. Our products also give you the liberty to choose your way of teaching: ex cathedra teaching, in small groups, the pupils by themselves and personal or in combination.

From the product development of our teaching aids to the production itself - with the help of social facilitiesand workshops for people with disabilities) even up to the shipment, everything happens under one roof -

You can count on WISSNER!


Zeppelinstrasse 14
64625 Bensheim

Tel.: +49 (0)6251/68597
Fax: +49 (0)6251/67638
E-Mail: mail@wissner-germany.com

WISSNER Catalog 2019

Here you can see our Catalog 2019 (PDF)

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